Gravesite of Aborted Babies

Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament
3222 Co Rd 548
Hanceville, AL 35077

This is a gravesite where victims of abortion are buried.

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Two funerals for aborted babies have taken place at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama.

The first was in 2007. Jim Pinto, National Director of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, oversaw the burial of baby Deborah. He had this reflection on the burial:

“We gathered to lament Deborah’s death—the killing, the murder of a unique human being who had been created by the holy Love and Desire of God. We gathered to celebrate the life of Deborah. We thanked God for her dignity, humanity and personhood. We celebrated her material and spiritual being, thanking God that we could reverence her body, and commend her soul to His infinite Love and Mercy.”

Three babies from Livonia, MI Laid to Rest

The next funeral took place on July 29, 2008 for three babies who were killed at the Women’s Advisory abortion clinic in Livonia, Michigan by abortionist Reginald Sharpe.

The babies, posthumously named Enoch, Karen-Esther and Rebekah, were retrieved from the trash dumpster behind the clinic by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society in March and April of 2008.

The funeral Mass and burial was presided over by Father Frank Pavone and organized by Jim Pinto.

See video of the 2008 burial below:

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