Host a Memorial Service in Your Town

Registration to host memorial services for the 2024 National Day of Remembrance, to be held on Saturday, September 14, will open this summer. To receive word when registration opens, contact the national team. In the meantime, we invite you to check the list of gravesites and memorials for unborn children to find a site near you and make a visit.

What’s Involved in Hosting a Memorial Service?

If you’re interested in hosting a memorial service during the next National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, you may wish to review the detailed instructions for local leaders. But in a nutshell, your job as local leader would involve:

  • Arranging to hold the memorial service with the authorities responsible for the gravesite or memorial site (such as church or cemetery staff)
  • Promoting the event in your community, especially in all the local churches;
  • Organizing the agenda for the memorial service;
  • Inviting the media to attend and report on the event; and
  • Documenting your memorial service with pictures and video.

Representatives from the National Day of Remembrance planning team will provide help with all of these tasks along the way, including sample bulletin announcements, emails and flyers; leadership conference calls; and any one-on-one assistance you may need.